Last Season's Favourite Films

The Oscar award winning film Bridge of Spies was easily the best attended film of last season, with an audience of over 200 people. Next were three foreign language films, Tangerines, Omar and, Difret with audiences of 150 plus.
Bridge Of Spies also had the top approval rating, with a score of 97%, and three other films scored over 90%. It is encouraging to see that so many of our films are so well received by our members.

Film Audience
Bridge of Spies      212
Tangerines   165
Omar    163
Difret   156
Film Approval Rating
Bridge of Spies  97%
Suffragette    91.8%
Shakespeare in Love     91.8%
Selma  90.7%

TFS members are vital to the running of one of the most popular societies in Topsham (with over 240 members last year) The reaction slips that you complete at the end of each screening, and films suggested by members for future screening, are a big help to the Society's Committee when it comes to selecting films. Do please continue to let us know what you think about our films and those that you would like to see screened – your opinions matter!

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