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1st March 2019

TFS members have chosen LOVING VINCENT which was screened on 1st March 2019. The runner ups in order were Sweet Bean, Manchester By The Sea, The Party, Dunkirk. The film options this season were as follows:


Sweet Bean

2015 Japanese (subtitles) 113 mins

The film centres on Sentaro, a middle-aged man who runs a small dorayaki (pancakes) shop in the outskirts of Tokyo. When he puts up a notice saying that he is looking for a co-worker, he is approached by Tokue, a lady in her mid-seventies, who states that she has always wanted to work in a dorayaki shop. Sentaro initially rejects her application, afraid that the work would prove too much for the old lady who, moreover, has somewhat deformed hands.

He is swayed, however, when he tries Tokue's bean paste; its taste and texture are far superior to that of the factory-made bean paste, this starts a relationship that is about much more than just street food.

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2017 UK 106 mins

Dunkirk portrays the evacuation from three perspectives: land, sea, and air. It has little dialogue, as the director Christopher Nolan sought instead to create suspense from cinematography and music. Dunkirk has extensive practical effects, and employed thousands of extras as well as historic boats from the evacuation, and period aeroplanes.

Starring Mark Rylance, Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh in its ensemble cast, the film was nominated for 8 BAFTAs, and had 8 Academy Award nominations winning 3 Oscars.

According to actor-director Kenneth Branagh, roughly 30 Dunkirk survivors, who were in their mid-90s, attended the premiere in London. When asked about the film, they felt that it accurately captured the event but that the soundtrack was louder than the actual bombardment, a comment that greatly amused director Christopher Nolan

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Manchester By The Sea

2016 USA 137 mins

In the acclaimed drama from writer-director Kenneth Lonergan, Casey Affleck stars as Lee, a man whose sparse existence is suddenly ruptured when the death of his brother Joe forces him to return to the hometown he abandoned years before. Rocked by contact with his estranged ex-wife (Michelle Williams) and the revelation that Joe has made him guardian of his teenage son, Lee is forced to face up to painful memories and new-found levels of responsibility as he reconnects with his family.
Manchester by the Sea received six Oscar nominations at the 89th Academy Awards, winning two for Best Original Screenplay for Lonergan and Best Actor for Affleck

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The Party

2017 UK 71 mins

Janet (Kristin Scott Thomas) has just been appointed to a key ministerial position in the shadow cabinet – the crowning achievement of her political career. She and her husband Bill (Timothy Spall) plan to celebrate this with a few close friends. As the guests arrive at their home in London the party takes an unexpected turn when Bill suddenly makes some explosive revelations that take everyone present by surprise.

Love, friendships and political convictions are soon called into question in this hilarious comedy of tragic proportions. From acclaimed British filmmaker Sally Potter and featuring a star studded cast that includes Patricia Clarkson, Bruno Ganz, Cherry Jones, Emily Mortimer, Cillian Murphy.

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Loving Vincent

2017 USA 94 mins

In a story depicted using oil painted animation a young man comes to the last hometown of painter Vincent van Gogh to deliver the troubled artist's final letter and ends up investigating his final days there. Amazingly each frame of this detective like animation is hand painted in the style of Van Gogh.
Loving Vincent is the world’s first fully oil painted feature film. Written & directed by Dorota Kobiela & Hugh Welchman. The film brings the paintings of Vincent van Gogh to life to tell his remarkable story. Every one of the 65,000 frames of the film is an oil-painting hand-painted by 125 professional oil-painters who travelled from all across the world to the Loving Vincent studios in Poland and Greece to be a part of the production. Spot the painting you know while watching the film.

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