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Wajib* 2017, Palestine (subtitles) 96 mins

8th November 2019
Abu Shadi (Mohammad Bakri) is a divorced father and a school teacher in his mid-60s living in Nazareth. Shadi (Saleh Bakri), his architect son, arrives from Rome after years abroad to honour his “wajib” (or duty) to hand-deliver invitations to his sister’s wedding with his father, which is the local Palestinian custom.
Travelling around the city together in a car, often stuck in traffic, the simmering tensions between them build; with Shadi embodying the views of diasporic Palestinians who may remain politically engaged but grow naïve in their ideas about life back home; and his father, those of the realist negotiating the everyday compromises necessitated by life as an Arab in Nazareth.

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